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We Do One Thing and One Thing Only - eCommerce Video

Kickstart Your Brand With Video

Turn your product into a brand with a Rockstar Explainer Video, go viral with one of a kind Facebook & Instagram Adverts and capture new audiences with Youtube Pre-Roll Video Ads.

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Youtube Pre-Roll Ads

Create memorable brand stories with Youtube Pre-Roll Ads. Unlike other social media platforms, the video ads on Youtube are played with sound on. The audience here is more receptive to professionally produced video and great story telling.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

This is a mobile first video production. Ads that feel native to the platform use a mix of professionally produced and user generated content. Always loaded with social proof! First few seconds are vital to success. Showcase the brand early and often. Videos are designed designed for sound off but delight with sound on.

Product Explainer Video

Bring a new concept to life with with visual storytelling. Explain how your product works and who you product is for while keeping your viewers engaged and entertained. 

Do Nothing

Sit back and wait for a miracle to happen while your competitors use video marketing to get ahead, steal your market share and make you invisible.

How We Make Your Video


Concept Creation

We will create an original video ad concept for your brand. This will be presented to you with a visual proposal. Using reference video and imagery we will clearly communicate our ideas to you making sure we're all on the same page before kicking off your project. No commitment needed until you are 100% happy with the concept.

Product Shipment

Once you green light the project we will ask you to ship us your products to our HQ. While this is happening we will be laying down the groundwork for pre-production. The sooner we get the project the quicker we can kick things off!


Mood board, script, storyboards, sourcing locations, actors, influencers and experts. We make sure you are happy with every aspect of your video before going into production.


Our veteran production crew will handle all the heavy lifting.


Editing, colour grading, sound mixing, animations, typography all go into delivering a top of the line product for your business. 

Content Delivery

Depending on your needs, we hand over multiple deliverables in horizontal, square and vertical formats with an array of opening hooks and call to actions for all stages of your marketing funnel. To top it off, unlimited revisions to make sure you are 100% content with your content.

We Create Ads for Every Step of Your Funnel

We never hand over a single video, we create an array of ads in various lengths with different ‘hooks’, call to actions and other iterations for you to test out at every stage of your marketing funnel.

What Our Partners Say


"They will not give up until you get the results you are looking for and I can guarantee you that "
"Silksocial is awesome! They created amazing, well thought out and brilliantly produced content for us to elevate as a brand."
"You can trust them to do all the heavy lifting and focus on running the day to day of your business knowing that they will deliver a great video."

Our Promise to You

We Take This Seriously


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When we take on a product video we treat that brand as if it were our own. Excellent costumer service is our top priority. We know that Facebook Ads come with a unique set of challenges therefore we promise to work with you until you find your winning creative!

Tell Us About Your Project

Have an idea in mind? Great! Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry! Big or small we’ve covered projects all shape and size. And if we find that video marketing isn’t for you, no worries. We’re happy to connect and expand each others networks.