Anchor Video Ad Campaigns

Ready to elevate your brand and reach new customers profitably? Propel your business to new heights with our Top of Funnel Anchor Ads.

Expertly tailored for YouTube and Facebook, these ads are designed not only to capture attention but to build credibility and trust with your potential customers.

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UGC Mash Ups Ads

Not just UGC! Combining UGC content with professionally produced ad hooks and video to clearly demonstrate your product benefits.

Combined with social proof and an irresistible offer, these ad creatives sell your product without disrupting the user experience on Facebook and TikTok. This approach ensures lower CPM’s and higher CTR for your ads.

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Studio Productions

Elevate your brand’s appeal with our bespoke Studio Productions. Transform your online presence, skyrocket your website conversions, and arm your UGC content with captivating creative assets.

Watch your average order value (AOV) climb and witness a significant boost in customer confidence and trust.

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Revive Ads

Have digital assets that are just gathering dust? With our Revive Ads service, we breathe new life into your existing creative assets.

Our process involves taking all your current assets, reviewing and organising them, and then crafting a refreshed creative strategy playbook based on your content. We produce compelling direct response ads from your existing footage, squeezing every bit of value out of the resources you already have. Witness the transformation as your old footage gets a new lease of life and contributes to your business growth.

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Ad Creative Testing and Optimization

Partner with us for continuous support in scaling your brand. Our Ad Creative Testing and Optimization service focuses on exploring new selling angles, perfecting ad hooks and creating scroll-stoppers that captivate your audience.

We assist in uncovering untapped audience niches for your product, ultimately working towards reducing your acquisition costs.

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Creative Strategy Playbook

We ideate, you execute. Our Creative Strategy Playbook service provides comprehensive, ready-to-implement strategies for your brand.

We conduct detailed market research, formulate creative strategies, devise captivating ad hooks, and pen compelling selling angle scripts. What do you receive? Actionable scripts, detailed shot lists, dynamic storyboards, and innovative ad ideas, meticulously prepared for seamless execution by your in-house team.

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Become Silksocial Partners

Ideal for those spending over $50k per month on Facebook ads and needing a consistent flow of creative ads, this partnership offers UNLIMITED ad production and continuous post -production services, including ad testing and optimization for a set monthly fee.

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