Lower customer acquisition costs with direct response video

We make ads. The kind people share. The kind that sell. Scroll down to see a few.

Isabel Aagaard


Alex Gatehouse

Groove Pillows™

Sam & Christian




Mike Johnson


Ahmed Marjan

The Essential Massager™

Frederick Malet



String Puck – Product Advertisement


LastPad – YouTube Video Advert


Sleep Easy – Product Commercial

Controversial creatives

Ads that try to appeal everyone sell to no one. Our videos speak directly to your customer at the risk of offending people who are not! This drives engagement and engagement drives revenue. 

Studio productions

Our ads sell. But they can also make you proud! Elevate your brand game with studio production videos for your website and Youtube ads.

UGC mash up ads

Professionally produced video combined with actor generated content. These type of ads convert best on Facebook and Instagram.

Transform your existing creative assets into video ad gold

Are you sitting on videos, images and a whole pile of customer testimonials? Our team will review, organise and transform these creative assets into video ad gold!

Who We Are

The Silksocial team

Edvinas Maciulevicius​

Edvinas Maciulevicius

Creative Director

Louise B. Maciulevicius​

Louise B. Maciulevicius

Account Manager

Setiawan Bregas

Setiawan Bregas

Senior Editor

Our guarantee

If our ads don’t beat your current best performing creatives we’ll continue to work with you for free until we beat your control! Even if it means a free re-shoot. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure our ads are better than anything you’ve ever tried before!