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Groove Pillows

When Groove Pillows (formerly SleepEasy) faced challenges breaking into the US market with their flagship product, they turned to us for a solution. Their Facebook and YouTube ads weren't performing as well as they'd hoped, and they needed a new strategy to increase brand exposure and drive sales. They tasked us with creating a direct response TV commercial that would play during the Fox morning news slot. We rose to the challenge, delivering a high-quality commercial that captured the attention of viewers and drove measurable results for Groove Pillows.

Groove SleepEasy Pillow ScreenCapture 5

Branding video

Empowering brand with thought leaders

Our collaboration with Groove Pillows is a perfect example of how we can elevate a brand’s credibility and reach new customers. By partnering with Dr. Eric Kelly, a renowned chiropractor, we were able to showcase the quality and value of Groove Pillows in a way that resonated with customers who had never heard of the brand before. This collaboration brought added trust and credibility to the brand, resulting in a successful TV campaign that ran for over six months.

Key takeaways

Our collaboration with Groove Pillows was a resounding success, and there are several key takeaways that we learned along the way. First and foremost, building credibility and trust through traditional media can have a significant impact on a brand’s success. Additionally, leveraging the expertise of thought leaders, like Dr. Eric Kelly, can help showcase a product’s value in a way that resonates with customers. Finally, a well-executed direct response TV campaign can drive sales and generate significant revenue for a brand.




  • Our 6-month TV campaign was a success
  • 9,000+ units sold via phone hotline
  • Built brand trust with traditional media
  • Reached over 5 million TV viewers


Alex Gatehouse Client Testimonial
Alex Gatehouse Founder & CEO SleepEasy / Groove

It was a pleasure working with Ed & Louise from Silksocial. The process was very much hands off. I've seen an over-all uptick in average order value, conversion rates and brand equity. I would highly recommend Silksocial to any eCommerce brand who's looking to increase conversion across all touch points.

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