What are Video Production Rates in Ireland?

When it comes to budgeting for video production in Ireland, understanding the rates is crucial. The rates can be divided into equipment rates and crew rates. The equipment rates are dependent on the specific needs of the project, whereas the crew rates are based on the daily rate for each crew member.

Below are some typical crew rates for video production in Ireland, listed in a different order and with slight name variations:

Daily Crew Rates

  • Here are some of the typical crew rates for video production in Ireland:
  • Director: €750 – €1,500
  • Producer: €650
  • Director of Photography: €600
  • 1st Assistant Director: €500
  • Camera Operator: €550
  • Sound Mixer: €450 (location kit from €150)
  • Gaffer: €1,000 (with equipment van) or €400 (without equipment)
  • 1st Assistant Camera / Focus Puller: €300
  • 2nd Assistant Camera / Loader / Cam Assistant: €200
  • Aerial Work: €1,000 (includes an IAA certified Drone Pilot, a gimbal operator, and a raw/prores 422 capable drone)
  • FPV: €1,200 (controlled by an expert pilot capable of flying in challenging places)
  • Make-up Artist: €400
  • Hair Stylist: €400
  • Best Boy Electric: €200
  • Production Assistant: €160

It is important to note that these rates are not set in stone and can vary depending on the location, medium, and audience volume of the project. Additionally, the number of days and hours required for each crew member can vary depending on the specific needs of the production.

Equipment Rates

The cost of equipment can also vary widely depending on the type and quality of equipment required. Some common equipment rates for video production in Ireland include:

  • Camera rental: €300 – €1,200 per day
  • Lighting rental: €200 – €1,000 per day
  • Grip equipment: €100 – €400 per day
  • Sound equipment: €200 – €600 per day
  • Editing suite rental: €300 – €600 per day

Overall, pricing a video production can be a complex process. However, having a general understanding of the typical rates for crew and equipment can help you plan and budget your project more effectively. Remember to also factor in any additional costs such as location fees, travel expenses, and post-production costs when planning your budget. And if you need help creating a compelling quote for your client, consider working with a professional video production company in Ireland.


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